Offices of Public Trust in the Brazilian Federal Government

Funding: Ipea 
Conclusion: 2015
Associated Researchers

Sérgio Praça, Thiago Belmar, Mariana Brasília, Bruno Hoepers , Mariana Batista, Andréa Freitas , Amanda Bontempi , Misia Pedrozo , Paula Rafaela Barbosa , João Antônio Cardoso , Felix Lopez


Even though much is said about the distribution of offices of public trust in the brazilian federal bureaucracy, there is a lack of studies regarding the dimension of this phenomenon, which parties get more offices and in which areas, which bureaucratic agencies are isolated from the parties’ influence etc. This research brings, based on new data made available by the Transparancy Portal of the federal government, the first quantitative survey about public trust offices in Brazil. The data gathering started in April 2010 and it has since then been suplemmented by interviews with members of the federal government. We intend to extend our analysis to the municipality of São Paulo and the state governments of São Paulo and Paraná.