Evaluating and Disseminating Experiences in Local Economic Development: Brazil BNPP Research

Autor: Alexandre Schneider, Ciro Biderman, Fabio Storino, Guilherme F. Lichand, Henrique Heidtman, Lorena G. Barberia, Marcelo Tyszler, Paulo Palombo

Paulo Correa, Christine Kessides, André Herzog, Danilo Igliori, Fernanda Teles Lima, Bruno dos Santos Barbosa, Renata Benveniste,


With the advancement of democratization, the decentralization of policy decisions in developing countries, mainly in Latin America, became a feasible goal. With macroeconomic stabilization, particularly the drastic reduction of the inflationary processes that transpired in Latin America during the 1980s and 1990s, countries began to focus on the reduction of unemployment, as well as the generation of income and incentives for economic activity more generally. The combination of decentralization with the aboveoutlined policy goals points to the increased attention given to the possibility that these goals be accomplished by local governments. This type of public policy will be denominated in this report as Local Economic Development (LED).

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